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mantras – prayers to the divine
narayana om (1)

narayana narayana om

Narayana is the dreamer, he dreams everything onto existence.
He dreams this live, this song, everything.


jay ambe (2)

jay am be jagadham be
mata bha vani ki jay am be

an intimate honoring of the divine mother


krishna krishna mahayogin (3)

krishna krishna mahayogin
bhaktanam abhayamkara

govinda paramananda
sarvam me vasha mana ya

Krishna Krishna! Please free me from the bonds of illusion and bind me to you! Make me your loving devotee, and thus make me fearless! You are the source of the supreme bliss of pure selfless love! May everything that I am and everything that I have become yours!


jay ma (4)

jay ma, jay ma, jay ananda ma

All glories to the Divine Mother full of bliss!


gurudeva ki (5)

gurudeva ki gurudev gurudev
gurudeva ki gurudev

deva ki gurudev gurudev
gurudeva ki gurudev gurudev

Tribute to the divine guru


om mata kali (6)

om mata kali om mata durga
kali durga - namo na ma

Mother Goddess everything begins and ends.
Only you the indestructable remains.


medizin buddha mantra (7)

om namo bhagavate
bhaishaja guru
vaiduria prabha rajaya
tathagataya arahate’
samyaksham buddhaya tayata
om bekajye bekajye maha bekajye
bekajye radzaya samudgate’ svaha

May all beings be auspicious! I make my prostration to you who destroyed the enemy of negative life cycle changes, who has thus gone to the state of enlightenment like other Buddhas, who perfectly accomplished the quality of the Buddha, the supreme physician who is fully liberated and awakened, the enlightened one, Medicine Buddha. Bedurya, King of the physicians.


tumi bhaja re manaa (8)

tumi bhaja re mana – tumi japa re mana
om shri ram jaya ram – japa re mana

Oh mind (mana), my dear friend, Always chant (bhaja) the name of the Divine, Always repeat (japa) God's name.


om poornamidham (9)

om poornamadha poornamidham
poornath poornamudachate
poornasya poornamadaya
poornamevava shishate

This is perfect, that is perfect.
From the perfect springs the perfect.
Take the perfect from the perfect
and only the perfect remains.

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